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Athletic Greens
All-In-One whole food sourced supplement

How can you make the most of your video content?

The challenge

As one of the leaders in the food supplement market

Athletic Greens challenged us to come up with a video that explains its benefits to its 3 target groups – lifelong athletes, busy moms, and health-conscious Xer/Boomers.

Our Approach

We decided to create 3 different intros (15 seconds each) to address each customer segment individually, while keeping the core video message the same for all 3 videos.

The video also features 2 different voice-overs (male and female), so that the client can get the maximum output from each video, depending on the platform and target audience.

The Results

We created a great marketing tool that helped our client to increase brand awareness, build brand loyalty, and attract thousands of viewers.

This is how, from 1 video, you can actually get 3. Brazilero Animation Studio knows how to work with you to achieve your vision strategically, no matter the challenge!