Aunalytics reached out to us with a request for creating a video that would describe their complex solutions in an easy-to-understand way for their target personas. After the initial call, we got down to work and thoroughly consulted with Aunalytics about what was needed for each target customer profile.

We also put together a plan based on our expertise in software services, which allowed us to take this idea one step further. Instead of making just one video, why not take advantage of the wide variety of ways people engage with content today?

After two core videos were made, we helped them tailor them to various lengths of time and sizes, optimizing their reach to all the different platforms to generate a buzz and increase their reach.

It is important to mention that Aunalytics, like many SaaS companies, had its own in-house social media team, but in many cases, it seemed impossible for them to keep up with the rapidly changing world of social media marketing, so they reached out for help from someone who understood what it took to remain at the top.

Style Exploration

They needed fresh blood, and we delivered. We provided stunning graphics and promotional material and even helped our client to develop a compelling campaign to turn their value proposition into unforgettable video content.