This very special project came to us from our friends and partners – The Mixx Agency. The client was a multinational company with offices in 150-plus countries and territories. The main vision was to showcase the special focus on environmental sustainability in a changing world.

The Mixx developed the concept and the storyboard for the video, while the Brazilero Team was responsible for the voice over, video edits, and the entire post production process. The key message of the video was to elucidate that there’s no viable business to be done amid a state of environmental degradation.

One of the main production elements we took the reins on was the selection and casting of a Voice Over artist. Initially, we sought a North American accented individual, however the client decided to pivot focus, catering to the European Market. After completing the second round of casting, we discovered a wonderful voice over artist from Great Britain. After the demo recording was completed, we all came to a consensus that this new voice over was the correct choice for this video.


We were able to make on-the-fly changes to the storyboard which were approved by The Mixx. These changes elevated the overall look of the video. While these shifts couldn’t have been foreseen at the storyboard development stage, our flexibility and problem-solving abilities were utilized here.

This project was produced in the midst of the 2020 pandemic, and from that stemmed the client’s request for the video to be crafted using the convenience of stock footage. While this may seem like an opportune solution in a rushed situation, it also posed challenges.


For instance, when you look at the qualities of the stock footage, each clip is filmed using a different camera, different lens, and the color and contrast can vary greatly. In order for the final video to come out looking spectacular, meticulous color correction work needed to be completed. In the end, it came out looking seamless and natural.


Finally, the turnaround time was incredibly rapid, as the entire project was delivered in up to two weeks.