We have been partnering with Demo Duck for more than four years and each project has been crafted with our combined creative efforts resulting in what we believe to be a piece of art!


This project, for one of the largest U.S. insurance companies, was no exception. The creative solutions, born in cooperation with Demo Duck, proved to be unique.

The Story

While creating the concept, Demo Duck decided to combine several techniques to ensure the final video series would surely stand out. The content of the video pertained to boating insurance, thus the focus was on the 3D crafted boats designed to capture viewers’ attention.


Combined with graphic style and 2D characters, the video was meant to be encapsulated by grainy visual effects. Brazilero Studio created the characters, style frames, and the animation.

Attention to details

Since we love to dive deeper into our client’s business and products, together with Demo Duck we dove so deep that we learned about all of the intricacies of the navigation rules for boats. For example, the boats that are closer to the pier move slower than the ones further in the sea.


We also learned how a boat is towed correctly, and even the dogs are wearing life jackets. The target audience for boat insurance products is rather proficient in this area, and it would be very easy for them to spot a false detail or inaccuracy. The foundation of legitimacy is attention to detail.

As for the characters, we decided to take a risk, and together with Demo Duck, elected to provide the client with more humorous, humane characters with unique quirks. It was this version that was finally approved by the client! All together, we had created up to 15 characters per video and 40 characters in all four videos.

Overall, the project timeline was three months, and of course, there were pitfalls along the way, but thanks to highly effective communication with Demo Duck and as well as precise feedback from the client, the final result exceeded everyone’s expectations.


Demo Duck:

Initial Style Frames

Brazilero Studio:

Style Frames
Illustrated Assets