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Global Goals - United Nations

How to get everyone involved?

The challenge

While the goals may be bold, we were determined to bring the world one step closer to ending poverty, hunger, and inequality worldwide. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or Global Goals, are known for their ambitious agendas - each agreed upon by 193 countries in September 2015 at the United Nations.

When we were first approached for this project, the main challenge was rooted in our requirement to target a large and indefinite audience, as Global Goals are relevant to every human being worldwide. Another issue to
overcome was the message. Each global goal was too broad and undefined for the average citizen/person.

Our Approach

Following our extensive research phase, we came up with an idea. We realized that the meaning of each of the 17 global goals is very broad, and must be more specific in order to be easier understood by viewers.

For this reason, we used this video to illustrate one simple thing that each of us can do in order to contribute to making each goal a reality and, in the longer term, create a better future.

The Results

We created a viral video that spread across the world like wildfire. The final product was promoted by the Government of Moldova and the UN.

The video reached more than 70,000 views across multiple internet platforms, and was also featured by various television news programs. Numerous influencers dove into heated debates on the ideas exposed in the video.