GrammaTech is a leading developer of software-assurance tools and advanced cyber-security that helps customers, partners, and government clients solve the most challenging software issues, safeguarding devices from cyber attacks.

“Can you make a complex IT process explainable?” That was the question posed by our client, Gramma Tech. Naturally, we respond with an enthusiastic “yes!” We assumed the challenge and we were ready to dig in, despite the
technicality and deep complexity of our client’s product, called Binary Software Composition Analysis.

This significant challenge saw us evolving into experts in this field. It was the only way to understand the process ourselves before we could explain it to others.

We began with vigorous research, learning how the technology achieves deep scalable analysis without the need for source code. After profound assessments and deliberations, we settled on a path forward.


What resulted was a vibrant and educational marketing tool that aided our client to explain an extremely complex solution in an effective and painless manner.