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A Simple Story for a Complex Process

The challenge

Can you make a complex financial process explainable?

That was the first question asked by the client. Naturally, we responded with an enthusiastic “yes.” However, this process was more complicated than most, seeing as we were to work with a derivatives market. This involves the use of financial instruments like futures contracts or options. This significant challenge saw us evolving into experts in this field. It was the only way to understand the process ourselves before we could explain it via video.

The Approach

We started with intense research and, after profound assessments and deliberations, we chose the right path.

We are convinced that the more compound there is, the more minimalistic and mosaic the style should be in terms of design and animation. Figures and scheme representations, mixed with a measured rhythm of voiceover, make the Common Domain Model accessible and straightforward.

The Results

Video is used by the association at meetings and presentations to large groups of people from the industry.

The main value brought by this video is time-savings. Our clients show a video of just 1-minute and 40-seconds. After that, they switch directly to discussing other details topics and issues. They do not spend time on explaining the Common Domain Model anymore.