The client tasked us with creating a cool and funny NFT character with a huge mission. Brazilero worked on the project’s name, branding, website, and artwork in its entirety, which is made up of 5000 unique characters.


After the initial brainstorming process, we came up with the idea to use the Octopus as the main character for this project. For years on end, these cephalopods lived, loved, and boogied their lives away in harmony. After the character was identified, we decided to give it an alien look and feel, and we delved into the story behind it.

The futuristic aliens that have come to stop ocean plastic pollution!

OctoCreatures is a purpose-driven project, marrying art and collective eco-activism.

Project details: A social awarenes project aiming to help save our oceans from plastic polution.
Timeline: 4-5 months
Traits combination: The majority of traits are easy to combine, however there are some exceptions – a few traits and textures that are unique and can fit only certain Octocreatures – making them one of a kind NFT Collectibles.



  • 18 Skins
  • 10 Exclusive 1:1’s
  • 5 Backgrounds
  • 6 Moods
  • 35 3D objects
  • 10 Body colors
  • 25 Head accessories





Skin colors and textures