Chai is ubiquitous in India, which is its country of origin. Its roots are both ancient and based on a healthy lifestyle.

Quick Foods has a solid presence in traditional brick-and-mortar retail. The customer base for “Quik Tea” includes the Indian diaspora in America, even though “Chai Tea” has blossomed in popularity, being offered by more and more coffee shops.

Showcasing the product in all its beauty, so it’s distinguished from its competitors on the shelves and online! The client’s goal was to extend its reach to its target audience, consisting of millennials and active and health-minded customers. The tactic was to showcase the brand as a hassle-free way to enjoy the beverage.

The client initially approached Brazilero with a humorous sketch that revolved around their product. While a script had been written up for it, we came to the conclusion that a new take was necessary, one that focused on building brand awareness and loyalty.


Visually, we wanted all eyes on the product itself. We utilized a merry-go-round effect, showcasing the product line as well as its natural ingredients parading around and around in a kind of marvelous dance. The vibe was enhanced with relaxing jazz music, which complimented the soothing feeling we wished to impart to the audience.