With over 50 years in business, Sun Chlorella is without a doubt our client that has been around the longest. It was our pleasure to work with this client, but at the same time it was a great responsibility.

The company reached out to us at the point when they had a lot of video content, but no real focus on what chlorella really is and how it’s different from its competitors. To tackle this problem, we focused on educating people about what Sun Chlorella really is and delivering its compelling message within 90 seconds.

With such a complex product with many intricate parts – each requiring scientific terminology – it was difficult to touch on everything while also making sure the video appeared engaging and fun. However, through incorporating characters within scenes themselves – such as an animated microalgae being responsible for explaining certain aspects of the product our team succeeded in creating an informative documentary-style film where everything felt relatable and understood quickly without having to read text or bullet points repeatedly throughout.

Also, SunChlorella’s corporate colors are represented by red, blue and green colors and we decided to add some yellor in our video, thanks to that the whole palette of colors played in new spicy way!