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How it All Began

Back in 2014, Alex, Cristina, and Valentin decided to fuse their combined knowledge and experience in animation, marketing, and sales. Together, the trio created Brazilero Animation Studio.

Our team of 14 people is managed by: Alex, Val and Cristina. Alex is our Chief Animator with 13+ years in film and animation, Val is our CEO with 9+ years in Business Development and Cristina is the Creative Producer, with 8+ years in Design and Marketing.

Our Secret Sauce

Our rare mix of creativity and marketing experience continues to set us apart – it’s something that runs in our blood and has helped our customers rack in thousands of views. We proudly provide collaborative and creative solutions, backed by full support throughout every step of the production process.

Our team will work with you to develop a unique script and storyboard that resonates with your audience. This is the most important part of any animation, with the potential to make the biggest impact on how your message is received. We’ll check back with you every step of the way, working collaboratively to ensure that our strategy hits the mark.