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Elevating Luxury with Viral CGI Videos:

At Brazilero Studio, we pride ourselves on creating captivating video content for brands across various industries. Our recent collaboration with an LA-based luxury brand to launch their iconic Kate Tote is a testament to our expertise in CGI viral videos, fashion video production, and brand video production.

The Challenge: Creating a Viral Video

The luxury brand, with multiple locations around the world, approached us to build a social media campaign for the big release of The Kate Tote. Named after the legendary Kate Moss, the tote required a creative treatment that was as mysterious, cool, and edgy as the supermodel herself, who also fronted the campaign. The goal was to produce a viral video that would captivate their audience and drive significant engagement.

Our Approach: Combining Artistry and Technology

We brainstormed through more than six viral CGI concepts to creatively incorporate the storefront where the tote would be sold. The challenge was to recreate the bag with its complex shape, structure, and material as true-to-life as possible and figure out the most flattering positions to pose. This required a meticulous approach and advanced CGI video production techniques.

CGI Video Production: Bringing the Kate Tote to Life

Our team utilized Houdini to create detailed simulations and test various ideas for this fashion video production. The result was a video that not only met the luxury brand’s high standards but also stood out for its artistic and technical excellence.

The Result: A Social Media Triumph

The social video quickly became a viral sensation, amassing more than 260,000 views on Anine Bing’s Instagram in less than three days. This incredible engagement proves the power of our 3D, CGI, and commercial video production capabilities. This project for Anine Bing showcases Brazilero Studio’s ability to blend creativity with cutting-edge technology to produce viral content that resonates with audiences. Whether it’s a fashion video production or a commercial video production, our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that elevate your brand.

If you’re looking to create CGI viral videos or need expert video production in New York or beyond, Brazilero Studio is your perfect partner.

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