Anine Bing — Viral Social Media Campaign

The LA-based luxury brand with multiple locations around the world reached out to us to spice up their social campaign for the big release of The Kate Tote. The result is a stunning social video that had their followers going ga-ga, amassing more than 260,000 views on Anine Bing’s Instagram in less than a week.

Kate Tote

A tote named after the iconic Kate Moss called for a creative treatment as mysterious, cool, and edgy as the muse herself—who also happened to be the face of the campaign!
We brainstormed more than six viral CGI concepts for different ways to incorporate the storefront where the tote would be sold.

Behind the Scenes

The most complicated task was recreating the bag as true-to-life as possible with its complex shape, structure, and material and figuring out the most flattering positions to pose it in.

We created simulations in Houdini to test our ideas for this fashion brand video and ensure everything was up to the luxury brand’s standards.