American Cancer Society — Educational Video Series on Skin Cancer

Collaborations with Demo Duck have always been a bright spot in our portfolio, but this one might be the sunniest of them all. Grab your sunscreen and enjoy this educational video series for the American Cancer Society about sun safety and skin cancer prevention.

Demo Duck handed us a high-level concept, script and voice over, and our team took on the visuals from style frames to storyboard to animation. When designing visuals for educational content, clarity is key. And with a sensitive topic like skin cancer and all its unpleasant realities, being respectful is just as important.

A diverse cast of animated characters and colorful, sunny environments helped keep the message light, friendly and easy to understand without downplaying the important message.
The series is effective at busting some common skin cancer myths and sharing some fascinating facts about SPF and protection. The first video teaches viewers about skin checks, the second is about all the different methods of sun protection, and the third focuses entirely on sunscreen.

Showing diversity in the characters was a must in order to emphasize that skin cancer can affect anyone, regardless of skin color.

While the American Cancer Society’s standard brand colors stick to red and blue, the color palette for the series expands far beyond that to match the bright, vibrant tone of the script—a creative decision the client enthusiastically approved.