VisaRight — Sales Partner Platform

A Germany-based agency brought us on to help make a character-driven animation all about their client, VisaRight. The IT startup funded by the German government wanted to balance the warmth of animated characters with professional, clear messaging. We were able to deliver exactly that with the help of frame-by-frame animation.

The video was developed as a B2B sales and marketing tool, targeting agencies that provide immigration services. It highlights how using the VisaRight platform simplifies the entire immigration process.

Considerable attention was given to the script, ensuring it effectively communicated the intended message while resonating with the target demographic. The client was extremely pleased with the outcome, as evidenced by the video's success, accumulating thousands of views on YouTube and various social media platforms.

This level of engagement not only confirmed the video’s appeal to its intended audience but also demonstrates the power of content that strikes the right balance between informative and engaging.