Healthwise is a nonprofit organization with a mission to help people make better health decisions by providing unbiased, evidence-based health education. People have turned to Healthwise content more than two billion times to learn how to strive for the healthiest life for themselves and to ask for the care they need.

The goal was to create a 2D animation describing the merits of Healthwise Digital Health Programs, explain how it works, as well as to highlight its most compelling aspects. Here are some behind-the-scenes for this beautiful project!

Starting with the simple thought that nothing is impossible with 2D Animation, we’ve added more details and emotions to bring all the characters to life. The client has fallen for this style.

Many other protagonists have been introduced so as not to exclude gender balance.

Like our earlier projects with this client, the Digital Health Programs video continues to bring to life what Healthwise accomplishes in its field and its compelling value-add to its clients. The video sure packs a punch!