Doritos — Dinamita Campaign

Working closely with our partners at Vidmob, we were tasked with expanding Doritos’ 2024 Super Bowl campaign to promote each unique Dinamita flavor using 3D animation, CGI and VFX.

With the live-action commercial still in production, it was a challenge to craft our own unique story for each flavor while still building upon the larger campaign and Dinamita narrative. Our goal was to captivate viewers by showcasing the product in the first three seconds.

We then integrated shots from the live-action spot, cutting to reactions of each flavor. To creatively spotlight each taste profile, we paired spicy, juicy ingredients with rolls of Dinamitas resembling dynamite—giving way to a flavor explosion!

The main highlight

To accentuate the distinctive taste profiles for this pre-roll ad, we masterfully paired fiery, succulent ingredients with tantalizing rolls of Dinamitas, evoking the explosive sensation of flavor bursting forth!

Flames and sparks

We added flames and made sparks fly off certain elements to send the message to spice-seekers that this is the chip their taste buds have been waiting for. Each of these TV and Broadcast Ads ends with a bang, transmitting shockwaves out to viewers and hopefully getting them to go out and grab a bag for themselves.

Our paramount objective

We wanted to catch viewers’ attention within the first three seconds by artfully showcasing the product.


Unlike a standard Dorito, the Dinamita product line consists of two different chip structures: sticks and rolls. This required us to develop two unique motion sequences within the campaign. We thought through how these shapes could come to life and what would be the best camera angles to highlight their contours.