Symptomatic — iHeartMedia Podcast Promo

When our agency friends at Banter came to us with another podcast promo, we were all ears. For “Symptomatic,” iHeartRadio’s Webby-nominated medical mystery series, the treatment was clear: Create an eerily thrilling set of visuals to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Hyper-realistic medical imagery was morphed and obscured to create intrigue and suspense.
As the dramatic voice over unfolds, the abstract visuals become more recognizable—an x-ray of a forearm, a cell under a microscope, a brain scan—creating a satisfying “ah-ha” moment for the viewers.

The entire piece came to life in After Effects, which was different from our usual workflow. We developed a process to increase collaboration with the client, collecting feedback and approval on individual shots.

The feedback process gave the client peace of mind and confidence in our direction. This approach proved to be essential for this project, because the desired effects couldn’t be fully captured with illustrations. Working in After Effects from the jump allowed for a more fluid and adaptive process, ensuring that each visual effect aligned perfectly with the client’s vision and the project’s objectives. This technique not only streamlined our workflow but also enhanced collaboration between us and the client.