Doritos — Try Another Angle Campaign

Doritos is a dream client. Spicy, flavorful, the life of the party. If Brazilero was a chip, we’d be a bag of Doritos. We are so proud to be a part of the ‘Try Another Angle’ video campaign for TV and broadcast, featuring eight unique flavor spots. Our team was involved in every stage of the production process, from initial concept all the way through to final edit.

The main objective was to extend their 2023 Super Bowl commercial concept, which had already proved popular with audiences.

With that in mind, we started snacking on some ideas and came up with some explosive concepts such as the abstract swirl of chips and spices. As the viewer enters through the chip-shaped portal, they are met with a mesmerizing display of Doritos spiraling through a tornado of spices. Finally, a lone chip is blasted with spices on both sides.

We let our imaginations run wild. What if a new Doritos flavor came bursting out of a volcano? Or a band of chips swept across a desert like tumbleweeds?

Thrilled to have had the opportunity to work on this project, we’re even more excited to get to show it off. From concept to final edit, we have poured our hearts and souls into this video, and we can't wait for you to Try Another Angle with Doritos.

Scorching Desert — Spicy Cheesy

What’s more Flaming Hot than a scorching desert? Here, the chips gallop through dunes of spices before flying into the sun. A stream of herbs hit the final chip and illuminate a thrilling display of heat.

Volcanic Island — Spicy Sweet Chilli

What do beaches and deserts have in common? Sand. For both these spots, we animated the chips rolling on their corners across sand, leaving divots as they go. For this 3D video production, simulating the marks left in the sand was no simple task. We experimented with wind simulations to kick up the sand, adding realism to the scenes. These enhancements truly brought the videos to life, resulting in a final product that is lightyears ahead of the initial storyboard.

Research & Development

We took a field trip to the store to grab bags of each flavor so that we could experiment with real Doritos chips back in our studio. We took photographs, tried various setups and analyzed how light interacted with the chips, taking note of all the surface textures.

Each chip was manually textured in Photoshop. Of all the environments we created, the beach scene was particularly complex. We recreated a peninsula-shaped coastline, like you might see in a video game. The foreground contained detailed blades of dune grass and the background swayed with palm trees. Volcano and lava simulations overflowed with details, too.

The chips were intended to interact with the lava, requiring some adjustments in post-production. Our goal for this pre-roll add was to depict boiling lava that changes color as it seeps from deep within the volcano to its surface.

This attention to detail in simulating natural phenomena added depth and authenticity to the final visuals. Hungry yet?