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Our partners at Aunalytics came to us inspired by Apple’s minimalistic typography. The video they envisioned, intended for use on LinkedIn, needed to have a timeless quality to it—something they could get a lot of mileage out of.

The use of real human faces to represent their clients and industries was a strategic choice to help foster trust and attract user attention.

Timeless doesn't have to be bland. Gradients were used to add a dash of visual flare and create a feeling of depth in each frame. The concept and script were developed by our team, ensuring a cohesive and intentional final product that effectively communicated the message while adhering to the client’s stylistic preferences.

The goal was to strike a balance between simplicity and sizzle, creating a piece that resonated with a buttoned-up LinkedIn audience. In collaboration with Aunalytics, we strategized and produced an extensive collection of more than 15 deliverables.

These were tailored to different target audiences with varying calls to action.

LinkedIn isn’t the only social channel a B2B company needs content for. We also created a range of social media content, including still images and shorter cut-down videos designed to maximize engagement across various platforms.