Practice Management Bridge

This isn’t the first time we squared up with Rectangle Health for a video.
But after a huge growth year, it was time for something new that would help them stand out to healthcare providers and convey their full scope of services and solutions.

Our task was to illustrate the patient journey and highlight all the features and touchpoints along the way. After some competitive analysis, it was clear that 2D animated explainers were overdone in this category.
And live-action commercials shot in healthcare offices often struggle to demonstrate the value of a complex product.

So, we chose a mixed-media production approach to strike a balance, incorporating real people for a personal touch and deploying motion graphics in corporate video production style to help effectively communicate the product’s features.

The storyline

For this healthcare video production project, the narrative revolves around three patients facing different situations, demonstrating how the system bridges the gap between patients and healthcare providers.


We added a special twist by building a virtual 3D space in keeping with the Rectangle Health brand. This involved developing unique 3D backgrounds for each scene with talent filmed in front of a green screen. Post-production was extensive to get the look just right, including color grading, visual effects, and finishing touches.