Sling TV — TV and Broadcast Ads

Teaming up with QuickFrame, we created an epic series of eight 15-second videos called “Get to Know Sling” for the streaming service Sling TV. Sling's unique features make it a TV service for the whole family. The goal was to highlight that in a modern, sophisticated style.

Is there anything more modern and sophisticated than CGI? With slow-motion movement, dynamic camera angles and kinetic typography we designed each video in full CGI with its key message in mind.

This project’s deliverables included 12 looping GIFs, AEP project files, thumbnails and clean 3D renders. This package was designed for the client to be able to easily repurpose the content in a variety of ways as the brand evolves.

We were given 12 topics to cover and a few lines about each feature. We scripted a catchy hook and baked in any must-have messaging. Some topics were more exciting and visually appealing than others, but the real challenge came when we had to show all the channel logos in one scene. Ai, caramba!

Mobile Viewing

The design element of the pulsating screens and devices made it all the way from our initial pitch to the final renders. This Slinky-esque, wavy motion was key in communicating how dynamic Sling TV can be.

This concept was designed to capture the essence of modern technology, pre roll ads and its ability to captivate audiences, bringing to life the vibrancy and interactivity of the digital world.

Orange vs. Blue

Sling offers three packages: orange, blue and a mix of both. Our task was to showcase the value proposition of each package in the first few seconds. No sweat.

We devised the idea of buttons that flip from orange to blue and display the channel logos for one package, and then the other. This allowed us to communicate a lot about each package in this branded video production package.

Profiles / OTA

It was critical to highlight that Sling offers local TV channels in every region. To show this, we built tiny 3D communities atop a network of cubes radiating from a central Sling hub. This playful layer of detail added a new dimension to the Sling TV universe.

Concept Development

There are lots of benefits that come with involving a client early in the creative process, and this project proves it. Initially, the brief called for a live-action video with a spokesperson explaining the platform’s functionalities. The creative we proposed helped the client see that they could be just as communicative and even more dynamic with a fully CGI approach.

Collaborating closely with the agency, we pitched our ideas, showcasing a few style frames and 3D renders. Convinced by our innovative approach, the Sling team decided to forego their initial plan and proceed with our concept.