Giorgio Armani — Digital Godzilla

Working closely with a leading NYC agency, we created an eye-catching anamorphic banner campaign for Armani Code to promote their new fragrance. Our mission was to captivate viewers by leveraging the unique capabilities of anamorphic 3D advertising in prime locations like Times Square and Penn Station.

Using Houdini, we meticulously crafted high-quality 3D models, focusing on lighting, shadows, and textures to enhance realism. This detailed rendering was crucial for achieving the convincing anamorphic effect that would captivate passersby.

The campaign's highlight was the use of anamorphic technology to create a dynamic visual experience. By leveraging both corners of the Times Square banner, we ensured the anamorphic effect was striking, capturing the essence of Armani Code and drawing significant attention. To enhance the visual appeal, we added subtle effects like flames and sparks around the fragrance bottle, emphasizing the bold and fiery notes of the fragrance.

We conducted thorough site surveys and used 3D prototype models to test and optimize the viewing angles, ensuring the illusion was impactful from various perspectives. This process allowed us to gather feedback and make necessary adjustments for maximum visual impact.

Behind the Scenes

With the campaign focusing on bold notes of bergamot, wood, lime, and iris, our challenge was to develop a visually stunning concept that conveyed the fragrance’s mysterious and edgy essence. To achieve this, we brainstormed multiple anamorphic CGI concepts. Our goal was to recreate the fragrance bottle with its complex shape and structure as true-to-life as possible, ensuring it appeared to leap off the flat surfaces of the banners.