SkinCode — Product Launch Campaign

When the world of beauty and tech collide, magic happens. Capturing the magic contained inside a jar of Skincode Exclusive Cellular Perfect Skin Capsules meant we had to pull out all our best tricks. Presto Brazilero!

The concept was centered around romanticizing the pinkish ‘perfect skin’ serum hidden inside tiny balloon-shaped capsules. With only 15-30 seconds, the world within a jar of capsules needed to be colorful and captivating.

Pink spheres dripping in shimmery liquids star as the carefully formulated skin serum. It’s a more abstract deviation from the existing brand visuals, but it paid off. This product launch video creates an otherworldly atmosphere, resulting in a unique collection of graphics that stays true to SkinCode's modern aesthetic. Every step of the process was carefully planned and executed with precision.

Extensive work was done to find the exact right color palette for the serum—a peachy theme that resembles the product’s texture, complemented by a glittery core. With these hues in mind, we began simulations.

The first sequence was executed in Houdini, and involved multiple simulations to explore all the different ways these spheres could collide and wrap into one another.

The second half of the video was created in Cinema 4D. The goal was to show the product and all its complex layers: From serum to capsule to packaging.

We immersed ourselves deeply in the product for this cosmetic brand video, filming and tasting it. We put it under our studio lights to observe its unique shine and held it in our hands to feel its texture.

The distinctive golden, peach color of the serum and the capsule’s sapphire hue heavily influenced our color choices.

All parts of production, including the storyboard, were done in-house. Thanks to our rigorous internal review process, the final video was approved in the first round.